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We all want to kick back and enjoy a stunning swimming pool – and its cleanliness is a big part of that enjoyment. 

Pool tiles are part of the aesthetic quality of a backyard area, so you’ll want to keep their color and quality bright and pristine. Tiles at the waterline can become especially grimy or affected by algae, so these will need the most attention. Calcium can also build up and leave deposits on tiles. With all this in mind, it’s important to know how to clean them effectively. 

In this article, we’ll take you through 5 easy ways to clean pool tiles. 

5 Ways to Clean Pool Tiles

1. Adjust your chemicals:

One reason for the growth of algae or accumulation of dirt could be a chemical imbalance in your pool. Regularly testing pH and chemical levels, and then adjusting accordingly based on the results, can be the first step to preventing tiles from becoming so dirty in the first place. 

2. Choose your cleaner:

Regular tile cleaning chemicals can be used for regular maintenance. Before using any cleaning product on your tile, ensure that it is safe for your specific type of tile. Also, make sure to follow any instructions, including any waiting periods, before using your pool again. This way, all swimmers are kept safe. In the case that there is heavy calcium build-up, you will need to look into hiring professional help to perform a heavy-duty acid wash.

3. Choose the right equipment:

A softer brush can be useful for gently easing off any calcium build-up or grime, and can be used in partnership with your cleaner of choice. If you want something a little more robust, then a pumice stone is a popular choice for pool cleaning. Always check with your pool builder first to make sure whether a stone or brush is most appropriate for your tile material. And don’t forget to give the grout some attention too! 

4. Pressure washing:

If cleaners, stones, and brushes are not cutting it, then pressure washing could be the answer. Depending on the type of stain and tile, the pressure washing process can differ. It’s always best to consult your builder and tile manufacturer to avoid harmful methods. Always avoid washing any loose, broken, or delicate tiles when handling a pressure washer.

5. Arrange regular pool maintenance:

Ensuring your pool stays at peak performance all year round is guaranteed when you arrange for professional maintenance services. An expert pool cleaning service will ensure that all your systems are kept functioning as they should, while all surfaces and tiles are clean. 

Keep your pool in top working order all year round with swimming pool maintenance from the professionals at Miller Pools. We provide our tailored upkeep for pools across Pasadena, Texas, always making sure to preserve the quality and enjoyment of your outdoor space. 

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