“Opportunity to say how very satisfied we are…”

Michael – Please feel free to share our grateful excitement as stated below.

Hello from Marilyn and Jerry. We wanted to take this opportunity to say how very satisfied we are with our pool and deck renovation by Miller Pools! It is amazing to look at our backyard with such great joy and realizing that after the total make-over this is OUR backyard and so much more inviting than before. One look and it makes one want to jump right in the water and later when ready to relax choose from our new sitting bench inside the pool which goes around the entire shallow end of the pool and/or lounge along the refurbished & expanded deck area outside the pool. If our names are familiar you may have heard Michael Miller mention us during the Backyard Bay Radio Show (Saturday mornings at 11:00am on KSEV AM 700 radio) during the remodeling. We have listened to the radio show for years and it was because of Michael’s great pool advice and expansive knowledge that we decided to visit Miller Pools to speak with a pool advisor and browse the showroom. Once there we were quite excited with the wonderful selection. One of Miller Pools staff came to our home as well and a proposal was in the works. We were pleased that our next step was to personally meet with Michael at his showroom to continue the proposal, pick samples and go over every detail from tiles, coping, pool surfacing, equipment, decking, etc. Not only did Michael give us some excellent suggestions in making choices but he tailored choices to our requested desires and needs. The remodel went so well having great workers with Michael personally showing up almost daily to check on the progress as well as answer any questions we may have had. Along with the pool remodel was a follow up period with Miller Pools staff cleaning and checking the water balance, etc. The Miller Pools staff is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Thank you so much to Michael Miller, his crew and his entire staff for their workmanship and knowledge and expertise. Marilyn and Jerry Metting

I have known Michael Miller for several years–in fact he did an estimate for our first pool renovation about 4 years ago. I took bids on the job and Miller Pools was one of the high bids, by several thousand, that we rejected. We went with another company based in the Katy area that appeared very reputable-a company that I became familiar with at the Houston Home Show. Their references were very good and their warranty was the usual for the industry. This company was not the very lowest bid but as I said earlier, much lower than Miller’s estimate. The work began on the day scheduled and things started to go down hill by day two. Our re-do way called for a dark blue plaster and some repairs to the decking around the pool. I will spare you the details but the problems were simply covered up in the decking and they returned in less than a year. The pool plaster started cracking in a year also and we had real problems. The pool company had closed (bankrupt) and the owners had left the state. We had a warranty that was useless and a renovated pool that looked worse than it had looked before the redo.

I had been using Miller pools for my chemicals for a couple of years and Michael was always polite and always asked how the pool was doing. After two years of deliberation and frustration I called Michael out for an estimate on the second renovation in less than three years. He looked at the pool and never once said “I told you so! Michael gave us the bad news, for the second time, that our decking had to be replaced. Although our back yard looked like 9/11 for a few weeks with jack hammers and wrecking crews—did I say that the old plaster had to be removed—I could see that this crew knew what they were doing. If there were problems that revealed as the renovation progressed I always knew about their possibility in advance. There were never surprises…in fact some of the repairs came in below bid.

Our pool is now exactly what we wanted–a dark lagoon setting with a water wall that is beautiful and the pool adds so much to the total enjoyment of our home. We used the pebble finish in a dark midnight blue that looks and feels fantastic. The pool decking is also beautiful and it is impossible to tell the old deck from the replaced sections. In fact, nearly everyone thinks we have a new pool and we really do! The result is that we use the pool almost daily again and it looks like the pool we always wanted.

One last thing: the crews and workers were so fantastic in the start-up and first month pool service (that is included in the redo) that we now use Miller’s weekly pool service. The pool is always perfect. I always did the pool work myself and just thought of it as my exercise program. Now I actually swim for exercise and never worry about the chemistry or brushing down the pool. When I first asked Michael about the cost of weekly pool service he just smiled at me and said: “well…..we don’t give it away!” And they don’t…but it’s money well spent. Our pool is always ready for a quick swim or a major pool party!

If you would like to come by and take a look at our pool you are certainly more than welcome. Just ask Michael to bring you by. The bottom line for Miller Pools: Be prepared to pay a little more to get a job done correctly and by people that are going to be there to help you with any problems that might occur. You will also get what you want and you will know that your investment is secure. I just wish that we had chosen Miller Pools the first time! We would have spent a little more and saved thousands!

You asked for a few words. Sorry about this dissertation but we simply couldn’t be happier with our pool and the work and services provided by Michael and Miller Pools.

– Submitted by K. Wright, Pasadena, Texas

“Upholding true standards of customer and quality service…”

It has been a year since we resurfaced our pool with Miller Pools. Since that time we have had interactions with various contractors for different aspects of work on our house. Without question, the team from Miller Pools that handled our project was head and shoulders above the rest. The entire process from working with you to establish and finalize the bid to the excellent customer service Shane provided to make sure everything was up to his high standards was exceptional. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to being promised more that what is delivered, being sold exceptional workmanship when mediocre at best is delivered, being guaranteed prompt arrivals but realizing late arrivals or no shows, and other realities that make considering using a contractor a nightmare. We have consistently compared our interactions with other contractors to our experience with Miller Pools and all have come up short.

I just felt the need to commend you for upholding true standards of customer and quality service that we hear so much about, but rarely see in action. I have and will continue to recommend Miller Pools, especially since my coworker who we referred also was pleased with the Miller Pools experience.

Thank you!

Respectfully, John